Nashville Toons

About Nashville Toons

How It All Came To Be

Our story began with two friends who discovered a need, formed an Idea, and dedicated themselves to pursue a passion for Living Life on the water.  There is no better place than on the water to spend time with loved ones and friends!   However the questions and hassle of doing so have always loomed.  how do we rent a boat?  Can we fit everyone?   Who’s going to drive it?  Can we hire someone to drive? Is it safe on our own?  Where can we swim? How do we get there, and who’s driving us after?  Coolers, Ice, Fuel, etc.  The list goes on.  Someone always ends up doing all the work to plan and organize a lake day and it just kills the fun.  All these hassles are the main reasons most people avoid spending their valuable time here in Nashville on the water.   “The issues were obvious and staring us right in the face.   We wanted a solution, so Nashville Toons was born.”

Nashville Toons finally launched in the spring of 2019 after more than 3 years of planning, designing, building, certification and approval processes.   “We’ve always been drawn to the water and the beautiful Landscapes surrounding Nashville, but we also knew that so many people visiting Nashville would never experience more than just the downtown honkey-tonk core.   In our opinion that is just a shame. ”

With a main focus on cutting out the hassle and then focusing on the fun, relaxation, and exclusive accommodations, Nashville Toons came to life.  Combined backgrounds in entertainment, as stage musicians, Metal and wood fabrication, and years of giving people amazing experiences while working with the Nashville Pedal Tavern this team brought it all together.   We set out to expand the Nashville boat tour experience way beyond a no-frills cheap party boat rental and in turn created a truly unique customer experience.   Our over sized custom built double-decker Pontoon boats are just the beginning.   Nashville Toons crew is dedicated to going above and beyond because we know the experience starts and ends with “us”.  We continue to look for ways to improve the customer value and experience every day and strive to do Nashville proud.   Let Nashville Toons expand your Tennessee experience and take you on a on-of-a-kind boat cruise through the amazing bodies of water and natural landscapes that we call home.

There truly is “No Life, Like Lake Life”