Nashville Toons

About Nashville Toons

How It All Came To Be

Nashville Toons has been 3 years in the making before finally launching in 2019.  It all came about while two friends were on a drive heading back to Nashville from Florida in 2016.  Both of us had a lot of entertainment experience being stage musicians, as well as working for the Nashville Pedal Tavern where we spent years providing a top Nashville experience to thousands of people.  We were talking about how much we love being on the water and especially the lakes. We talked about how so many people visiting Nashville would never see more than just the downtown honkey-tonk core. I remembered how my wife (who has 5 sisters) always ended up renting a pontoon party boat for her sisters’ bachelorette parties. But it was always such a pain for them. Who’s gonna drive it? How do we drive it? Can we pay someone to drive for us? How do we all get there, and who’s driving home after? Someone always ends up doing all the work and not enjoying the fun. Then thinking of all the coolers, and ice, and everything they would have to gather and bring with. It always seemed like such a hassle but was always worth it.

That’s when the idea came full circle. Why can’t we enhance this Nashville experience way beyond a no-frills beat up rental party boat? Why not an oversized, custom built double-decker Pontoon made exactly for those who wanted to experience more of Nashville? And then take out all the hassle by providing all the service items, transportation, driver, hostess, etc to make this an awesome hassle free experience! The idea was born.

Next came the work. We have spent the last few years in the development and build process of these custom boats. Tweaking the experience and accommodations to make sure that our customers get the experience they deserve. We set out to do Nashville proud, and help showcase more of what our beautiful city has to offer which includes the amazing bodies of water and natural landscapes outside of the downtown core.

There truly is “No Life, Like Lake Life”